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Nebulizer Drop Save Gallery Video
In addition to its wide range of low volume sprayers with booms to treat more rows, IDEAL produces DROP SAVE, a new trailed low volume sprayers with panels to save the drift. DROP SAVE low volume sprayer was conceived to work at low volume, but its main feature is given by its special panels with static condenser. Indeed, these panels allow the users to save product and drift that would be lost anyway, especially when vegetation is scarce. The liquid saved by the static condenser is filtered, suctioned by a special aspirator and then taken to the main tank, passing through a patented depressurization tank. DROP SAVE was studied and designed to work on 2 complete rows at each passage and is available in the 1000 liters version for  treatments on crops with plantation systems 2.00 to 3.00 meters wide and in the 2000 liters version for treatments on crops with plantation systems 2.5 to 3.5 meters wide. Moreover, thanks to the 2 different panels versions and the central lifting, this machine can treat vineyards 1.85 to 2.50 meters high. Extension, central lifting and panels’ width adjustment work through different jacks linked to an electro-hydraulic distributor controlled by the user from a computer in the tractor cab. DROP SAVE is also equipped with a double pressure circuit (a low pressure one 0-20 bar to spray the product – a high pressure one for all the other uses), which make the machine better carry out all its function.

Standard equipment:

  • Hot galvanized and enameled frame
  • Polyethylene tank
  • External pipe for tank level
  • Hand-washing tank
  • Circuit-rinsing device
  • Diaphragms pump 170/200 l/min 50 bar
  • Impeller 8/57/13
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • Gearbox with 2 speeds plus neutral position
  • Electric control device to open and close water supply
  • Double pressure regulation
  • DPA Computer with sensor for tank level
  • Software to electrically manage the working width with automatic device for panels opening and closure
  • Electric opening and closure of stirrers
  • Individual closure of diffusers
  • Suction filter with valve
  • Linear filter for injection
  • Antidrip device
  • Hydraulic stirrer
  • Depressurization device within the main tank (PATENTED)
  • Tracker drawbar
  • Width- adjustable axles
  • Tandem wheels with rocker arm
  • Electro-hydraulic distributor
  • Hydraulic extension of panels