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poly super plus mounted

Weeder Poly Super Plus brought Gallery
Poly Super Plus is a solid and reliable sprayer, suitable for treatments on open fields of medium and large areas thanks to its strong hot galvanized frame and specific booms. In details, Poly Super can be equipped with hydraulic booms both hot galvanized with X closure and up to 18 meters long, and enameled with lateral closure and up to 21 meters long. Moreover, booms’ height can be adjusted through a special hydraulic lifting, while all the booms can be equipped with several accessories that enhance their use. It is available in the mounted version with tanks of 800, 1000 and 1200 liters.

Standard equipment:

  • Hot galvanized frame
  • Polyethylene tank
  • Dry pipe for tank level
  • Hand-washing tank
  • Circuit-rinsing device
  • Electric control device with electric pressure regulation and general valve
  • Suction filter with valve
  • Diaphragms pump
  • Hydraulic stirrer
  • Fixed hose reel
  • Hydraulic lifting stroke 800 mm
  • Ecological escape
  • Central console for taps
  • Hydraulic lifting Stroke 800 mm for hydraulic booms with X closure

Applicable booms:

  • Hydraulic hot galvanized boom 12 to 18 meters long, with 2 or 2+4 jacks (2 active and 4 sequential) and X closure, equipped with hydraulic lifting stroke 800 mm. Optional rod pendulum.
  • Hydraulic enamelled boom 15 to 21 meters long, with 4 jacks and lateral closure, equipped with hydraulic rod pendulum included. Binding hydraulic lifting stroke 1200 mm.

Optional accessories:

  • Hydraulic lifting Stroke 1200 mm for hydraulic booms with lateral and X closure

Optional accessories for hydraulic booms with X closure:

  • Manual rod pendulum with automatic block
  • Manual rod pendulum with hydraulic block
  • Hydraulic rod pendulum with hydraulic block