Recovery sprayers IDEAL

At IDEAL, we build low-volume pneumatic sprayers equipped with bars equipped with specific anti-drift panels that allow to recover a significant portion of the nebulized solution.

IDEAL recovery sprayers can simultaneously treat two complete rows, protecting vineyards more effectively and efficiently against pests and diseases. At the same time, the panels recover part of the product that does not adhere to the vegetation, limiting the drift phenomenon and dispersion in the environment.

Low volume sprayers with panels for the recovery of drift are highly technological and eco-sustainable machines, Agricultura 4.0 certified, which allow to implement more sustainable defense strategies. Working in an optimised way and rationalising the use of resources combine very high performance with great savings and lead to economic and environmental benefits.

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  • Vigneti
Drop Save

Trailed low volume sprayer conceived to treat two complete rows and to recycle chemicals and drift, which would be lost especially in case of scarce vegetation, thanks to special panels.

Supra Recovery

Low volume sprayer equipped with a 2-row boom with a couple of anti-drift panels enabling recovery of the sprayed liquid that would be lost in the air, with a tested 15%-25% recycling on average.