Agricultural cannons IDEAL

Agricultural cannons IDEAL

At IDEAL, we produce cannon sprayers and low volume cannon sprayers for the treatment of herbaceous crops, vegetables and cereals in greenhouses, tunnels and in the open field, as well as of tall plants.

Equipped with a rotating cannon head, they distribute the treatment over long distances both horizontally and vertically and allow an extended and optimal coverage of the vegetation and effective protection against pests, diseases and other threats.

A range of mounted and trailed cannons that make even special treatment operations easier and more effective, when the product must be distributed in a very large and dense area or in very high crops. And when access to the field of the agricultural machine is difficult due to the characteristics of the land.

Cannons for rows

Low volume cannon sprayers are suitable for the treatment of row crops or similar planting in both flat and hilly soils.

The rotation of the head allows to angle the diffuser and distribute the micronised product both horizontally and vertically, to treat even tall plants without any issue.

Cannon for external treatments

The most important feature of cannon sprayers is the ability to treat crops outside the field.

Our range of cannons includes a series of specific machinery designed to meet the needs to protect different agricultural crops:

  • cannon sprayers specially designed for treatments of corn crops or other similar plantations – and with a powerful fan that allows a powerful and targeted range of 45/50 metres;
  • the cannons are able to treat both horticultural crops and medium-high stem plants, thanks to the rotation of the head that makes them more functional – with a range that reaches 20/25 meters horizontally and 10/12 metres vertically;
  • cannon sprayers for the open field, suitable for the treatment of herbaceous crops and tall plants and which ensure longer distances – up to 35/40 metres horizontally and 15/20 metres in height.

Cannons for treatments from the inside

The cannons for treatments from the inside include low volume cannon sprayers designed to micronise very small parts of the product and distribute it outside and inside the greenhouses, tunnels and above ground crops.

The hydraulic orientation of the fan makes them also suitable for the treatment of crops on the ground and tall drums and for crops above ground.

Cannons for cereals

Cannon sprayers for treatments on cereal and corn crops are designed to perform off-field treatments and work without the risk of damaging part of the crop.

Thanks to the powerful fans that ensure a range of 45/50 metres and the rotation and movement of the outlet head, you can position the diffuser so as to obtain the best coverage.

Cannons for vegetables

We produce a wide range of cannons for the treatment of vegetables.

From low volume cannon sprayers that micronise the product in very small parts, ideal for treating both soil crops in the open field and crops in greenhouses and tunnels.

Cannon sprayers suitable for horticultural and herbaceous crop treatments in the open field.

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