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The needs in the field of agriculture are manifold, so much so that one of our requirements is to meet our customers' needs with unique customisations, embracing the concept of ad hoc agriculture, therefore made to measure according to individual needs. A first step is our configurator, with which we can design the right machine for the needs of the individual worker by choosing from a myriad of accessories and settings, so as to ensure that our customers receive a unique product.

If this is not enough, we are able to study modular structures, adapting elements such as the working width to the needs of fields and terrains, designing the right solution to work the most diverse crops.

These are often extraordinary operations that test the capacities of our research and development departments, but satisfying the customer and being able to operate in sectors that are usually excluded is a further step forward, destined to open the way to foreign markets and to types of cultivation that are very different from those in Italy, expanding our competence to provide 360° applications.

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