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Nebulizzatore Drop Save
Model Drop Save

Drop Save is the environment-friendly and hi-tech low volume sprayer, standing out for its innovative recovery system and the new functions of its DS control panel. Designed to obtain a very thin micronization and to work automatically, Drop Save can spray 2 complete rows contemporarily recovering on average 50% of liquid sprayed thanks to its 4 anti-drift panels and control device. Liquid supply and recycling systems allow users to work with low volumes and recover what does not reach plants. At the same time, its control panel allows users to automate several activities, consequently saving many resources


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Ideal Italia

ENAMA/ENTAM certified, Drop Save is available with 1000 and 2000 litre tanks and is designed to work in low volume (100-300 l/ha) on 2 complete rows at the same time thanks to 4 panels on which there are both a series of diffusers for liquid dispensing and a breakwater barrier that retains all the sprayed liquid that does not deposit on the plants, especially when vegetation is sparse.

The delivered solution that does not settle on the vegetation is recovered by the opposite panel and, through a patented suction system, returned to the main tank. On average, during the entire season Drop Save allows 50% of the sprayed liquid to be recovered, with a consequent saving in time and resources.

Ecosustainable, therefore, but also technological. Drop Save, in fact, is equipped with a special control and a series of Hall sensors on the panels that allow to work in an automated way, opening and closing them and managing the delivery of the liquid in an automatic way according to the data set by the operator. The DS control, renewed and patented, is now touch screen and allows to enter many other data related to the treatments to be performed, as well as to monitor in real time the operations in progress by acquiring data from the sensors on the machine. All this data can then be transferred via Bluetooth and stored in a database that can be consulted in the cloud from smartphones and computers.
What's more, using the "DropSave" smartphone application or the dedicated web portal, it is possible to consult the data in real time and enter them from other devices as well. Moreover, the DS command allows the geolocation of the machine and the tracing of the treated areas and the automatic insertion of the detected data in a campaign notebook designed to eliminate compilation errors and forgetfulness by the operator. Drop Save has therefore been designed and built to be to all intents and purposes a new generation machine, eco-sustainable and highly specialised, conceived to make the operator's work as easy as possible and to save time and resources.

Standard Plus
Drop Save 1000

1000 L Version, for rows from 2 to 3 meters.

Drop Save 2000

2000 L Version, for rows from 2.3 to 3.5 meters.

Ideal Italia Hydraulic central lifting and arms’ extension, to work on vineyards with different height and width.
Ideal Italia Double safety with gas spring on the panel, for a higher strength in case of accidental collisions.
Ideal Italia Panel with 1-exit diffusers, extra air jet and recovery barrier, for a focused and effective liquid supply and recovery of what does not reach plants. In the lower part of the panel there is an extra filter, where recovered liquid goes through before returning to the main tank.
Ideal Italia Depressurizing tank where recovered liquid goes through before arriving in the main tank, to avoid foam in the main tank (PATENTED)
Ideal Italia DS Computer with touch screen and several functions to improve and automate users’ activity, like managing liquid supply and maintaining it constant whatever the speed is, as well as managing the automatic movements of panels according to the vineyards features set in the various working programs available. Also, computer DS allows the user to automate rear wheels lifting when turning, stop inner stirrers in case of necessity, as well as display important data on carried out treatments and insert useful information to properly fill in user’s logbook.
Ideal Italia High pressure brass pump and non-return valve on circuit rinsing device.
Ideal Italia Tandem wheels with rocker arm and hydraulic lifting of the rear one.
Ideal Italia Tracker drawbar with hydraulic locking.
Ideal Italia Cans cleaner as standard.
Ideal Italia Tank-washing device as standard.
Ideal Italia Sucking premixers as standard.
Ideal Italia Pipe premixers as standard.

Ideal Italia Incline-meter, to have correct data about liquid in the tank, whatever sprayer position is.
Ideal Italia Camera (managed by the sprayer computer) to constantly monitor the areas covered while working.
Ideal Italia Anti-drip brass jets with anti-drift nozzle on diffusers.
Ideal Italia European road approval.

Drop Save