Agricultural field sprayers IDEAL
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Agricultural field sprayers IDEAL

At IDEAL, we produce field sprayers for weeding and treatments of vegetables and cereals that guarantee a homogeneous and effective coverage , with greater respect for the environment and savings on resources and costs.

Our field sprayers are designed to carry out fast and precise treatments with an optimised and efficient product distribution.

Available in a wide range of mounted and trailed field sprayers that can be configured configurable with a series of manual or hydraulic bars of variable length, they are the machines suitable to meet the needs of weeding and professional treatment for full-field crops.

Field sprayers for rows

Field sprayers for rows are versatile and functional, designed to be used for weeding or for phytosanitary treatments inside vineyards and orchards.

The various types of intervention depend on the equipment fitted: the different bars and interrows are used for weeding, while the vertical spray bars or high pressure lances are used for treatments of tall and short plants.

Field sprayers for weeding

Depending on the crop to be treated, we produce a range of field sprayers for weeding that can be used for full-field crops of small and medium size or within rows.

From bars for open-field weeding – which can cover up to 14 metres – to bars for interrows, these field sprayers are the ideal solution for distributing the product with greater precision.

Field sprayers for cereals and vegetables

The largest field sprayers are perfect for both weeding and full-field crop treatments of medium and wide extension.

Thanks to the manual and hydraulic bars with which they can be equipped – and that reach up to 24 meters in length IDEAL field sprayers are able to treat large surfaces in a quick, targeted and uniform manner.

Available in a series of models – from those essential but functional to those with professional configuration – and customisable with different options and accessories, they allow a precise distribution of products and the optimisation of the doses distributed, in order to safeguard the environment and reduce waste.

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