Agricultural low volume sprayers IDEAL
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Agricultural low volume sprayers IDEAL

Since the 1970s, IDEAL has been building highly versatile and efficient low volume sprayers that effectively and sustainably protect crops against pests and diseases.

Designed to work with lower volumes, they allow for more rational protection in the use of resources leading to economic and environmental benefits.

Our low volume sprayers are available in different models and sizes, from lines for vineyards and orchards – with mounted and trailed low volume sprayers – up to the particular configuration for targeted treatments on fruit and vegetable crops in greenhouses or in open fields.

Low volume sprayers for espalier rows

Low volume sprayers for espalier rows are equipped with bars and multirows able to process multiple rows at the same time and thus optimise working times. The diffusers, located near the vegetation, direct the product directly onto the area to be treated in order to obtain better coverage without too much waste.

To minimise the drift phenomenon, we have created low volume sprayers with a recovery system equipped with special booms and with anti-drift panels designed to simultaneously treat two complete rows and recover part of the nebulized product that does not adhere to the vegetation and that should be dispersed in the environment.

These pneumatic low volume sprayers are the ideal solution for low volume treatments in espalier systems.

Low volume sprayers for canopied rows

Low volume sprayers canopied rows have more compact dimensions and single-wire diffusers that make them suitable for working in tent systems or small vineyards.

They ensure a uniform coverage of the phytosanitary solution which, micronised in very fine parts, adheres more to the vegetation. In order to obtain a homogeneous distribution and better results.

The ideal solution for low volume treatments in tent vineyards or crops with a similar planting system.

Low volume sprayers for orchards

Low volume sprayers for orchards are designed to perform low volume treatments in espalier orchards.

The rear diffusers are adjustable to target the treatment more precisely, so that the distribution of the plant protection product is homogeneous and uniform and the dispersion of the product in the environment is reduced.

Low volume sprayers for vegetables

For treatments on fruit and vegetable crops in the open field and in the greenhouse we have developed the Maraichere line: Low volume sprayers that can be equipped with hydraulic booms to work horticultural crops and cucurbitaceae, but also with booms and specifications to work on strawberry crops. In this way, it is possible to work in low and medium volume and to distribute the treatment in a homogeneous and precise manner, with a better coverage on all the vegetation.

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