Mounted cannons and trailed cannons IDEAL

Agricultural cannons are the ideal solution for crop protection in situations that require horizontal distribution in very large and dense areas, or vertically for very high crops.

At IDEAL, we design and build cannons for treatments of herbaceous crops, horticultural crops and cereals in open fields or in greenhouses and tunnels, ideal when the machine cannot enter the field to carry out the work.

Mig Small

Sprayer with head-gun ventilator, suitable for treatments not only to horticultural crops thanks to its horizontal spray of 20/25 meters, but also to high plants thanks to its vertical spray of 10/12 meters.


Sprayer with a gun-head ventilator, suitable for treatments in open fields. Indeed, the cannon ensures a horizontal spray of 40/45 meters and a vertical spray of 15/20 Meters.

Mig Plus

Sprayer with gun-head fan suggested for treatments to high plants and open field crops, thanks to its powerful ventilator with a horizontal spray of 25 meters on both sides and a vertical spray of 15/20 meters.

Mig Top

Sprayer with gun-head fan, suggested for treatments on corn or other similar crops. Its cannon creates a powerful and focused spray of 45/50 meters, thanks to the big size of the double suction ventilator.

Mig F-SF

Low volume sprayer equipped with a gun-head ventilator, which micronises product in very tiny drops. It is suitable for treatments both inside and outside greenhouses and tunnels, and to hydroponic cultivations or high plants.

Mig Gigant

Low volume sprayer equipped with a gun-head ventilator, which micronises product in very tiny drops. It is available with manual hydraulic movements or with electronic rotation of the gun-head.

Mounted cannons

IDEAL mounted cannons are machines for the protection of horticultural crops and medium-high stem plants, in addition to treatments with corn crops or other similar plantations and treatments in greenhouses and tunnels and for crops above ground.

IDEAL mounted cannons are equipped with tanks of variable capacity – from 300 to 1,000 litres – to adapt to the particular characteristics of each crop.

A complete range of cannon sprayers and low volume cannon sprayers able to meet all the needs of treatment and distribution out of the ground.

Trailed cannons

IDEAL trailed cannons are the best solution for open field and tall plant treatments.

These are trailed cannon sprayers equipped with larger tanks – from 1,000 to 2,000 litres – for treatments over large horizontal extensions or for covering extensive vertical crops.