Pollinator kw
Pollinator kw

Pollination is a fundamental action for kiwi fruit growth, to maintain all fruits of buds and to obtain a perfect form of fruits, all with same similar size, whatever are the climatic conditions.
The short time available for impollination of kiwi flowers of female plants could lead to a considerable waste of time and resources, but IDEAL designed a special machine to obtain better results in less time thanks to a suitable pollination system.
KW POLLINATOR” is a P.T.O. driven equipment that allows to spray liquid pollen at 4 km/h speed. It is equipped with two distributors with adjustable inclination and height. They are supported by an extensible boom for one row, so that it is suitable for all the different plantation systems. The machine is also equipped with a centrifugal fan and two polyethylene tanks each of 15 liters capacity.
Spraying from distributors is controlled by two electric-valves, allowing even to individually work with them, while liquid distribution is adjusted by a nozzle placed near each distributor. The machine is equipped with a 22 liters air tank (11 bar).
Working pressure is maximum one bar, while the high performing ventilator assures the best micronization and the complete covering for both distributors.