Feld Spritzen Poly Super Plus TR - IDEAL SRl
Poly Eco
Model Poly Super Plus Trailed
Mais e cereali Orticoltura  

Poly Super Plus is the trailed field sprayer suggested for treatments to big-sized open-field crops, thanks its professional configuration, as well as booms and options it can be equipped with.


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Ideal Italia

Warning: These dimensions are just nominal. They can change according to drawbar, wheels, fan and boom used.

Standard Plus

Tank especially designed to ensure a low center of gravity.

Electric control.

Central taps console, for a better and quicker usability.

Non-return valve on the circuit-rinsing system.

Double hydraulic stirrer.

Parallelogram hydraulic lifting Ideal Italia
Dry level indicator Ideal Italia
Tracker drawbar Ideal Italia


Ideal Italia Shock absorber with nitrogen storage for lifting.

Version with hydralic booms with rear X closure

Version with hot-galvanized hydralic booms (2 jacks) with rear X closure, 12 to 15 meters wide and available in both “uni-jet” and “tri-jet” versions.

Ideal Italia


Ideal Italia Hot galvanized and enameled boom.
Ideal Italia Manual rod pendulum.
Ideal Italia Hydraulic rod pendulum.

Version with hydraulic booms with side closure

Version with enamelled hydraulic booms with side closure, with 4 main jacks.

Ideal Italia

Available in 'uni-jet' and 'tri-jet' versions, these booms can cover 15 to 24 metres. Moreover, these booms are also equipped with a hydraulic rod pendulum with 2 jacks (locking + incline), resulting the ideal solution for professional treatments on wide-extended area.

Standard Plus

Hydraulic rod pendulum Ideal Italia

Ideal Italia


Ideal Italia Pneumatic suspensions
Ideal Italia Air sleeve with propeller Ø 900 mm