Mounted sprayers and trailed sprayers IDEAL

Agricultural sprayers are the ideal solution to protecting crops against diseases and harmful insects.

At IDEAL, we design and build sprayers that are able to act in the best way according to the needs of the crops and the type of plant and soil, because it is not only a matter of distributing plant protection products, but also of doing so with greater efficiency and respecting nature.

Alpine Power

Small motorized sprayer, equipped with tangential axial fan, designed to be mounted onto mini-transporters (not included).


Sprayer with axial fan of various diameters, which stands out for its versatility and the quality of its components.


Sprayer with an axial fan with adjustable blades’ pitch and it is suitable for medium and high volume treatments on different crops.


Sprayer with a tower-shaped fan, suggested for treatments on crops with small or medium plantation systems.

Alsazia Top

Sprayer with a tower-shaped fan with inverted suction. Its conveyor allows a distribution of chemicals straight to the vegetation and inverted suction keeps the fan free from leaves and other soil remains.

Alsazia Perfect

Sprayer with a smaller fan with two counter-rotating propellers and inverted suction. It is suitable for small-medium sized cultivations with both espaliers or hanging plantation systems.


BioAir sprayer is the ideal solution for effective and focused treatments on small and medium sized espaliers vineyards, thanks to its two vertical fans, which ensure both a constant high air volume and a focused spray.


Sprayer with a tower-shaped fan with inverted suction, suitable for treatments of medium sized espaliers vineyards or similar crops with similar plantation systems.


Sprayer designed to treat two complete rows at the same time in vineyards of medium dimension, thanks to its high ventilator that produces a uniform air volume.


Sprayer with inverted suction fan, allows such an air volume that chemicals can penetrate even in crops with big and leafy plants.

Rhone Top

Sprayer with a trapezoidal-shaped fan with inverted suction, suitable for espaliers orchards of big dimensions with big and leafy plants.

Föhn / Föhn-R

Sprayer with a powerful fan made of two counter-rotating propellers assembled one upon the other, recommended for treatments on high espaliers orchards.


Sprayer with an axial fan with two counter-rotating propellers, which creates such a high air volume that this machine allows effective treatments even in big and leafy cultivations.

Mounted sprayers

IDEAL mounted sprayers are functional and flexible, available in different models and sizes. Suitable for working on small plants and in all cases where manoeuvrability is limited, they are designed to protect vineyards, orchards and olive groves from diseases and infestations and help farmers to obtain healthier and better products.

IDEAL mounted sprayers are equipped with tanks of variable capacity - from 200 to 1,000 litres - which enable them to adapt to the particular characteristics of each crop.

A wide range of mounted sprayers developed to meet the specific needs and expectations of individual farmers and with characteristics adapted to the needs of the soil and the work to be done.


Trailed sprayers

IDEAL trailed sprayers are the right solution to protect a wide variety of crops in less time and with greater efficiency.

Very powerful and functional, they are able to cover larger areas and optimise costs and treatment times, so as to obtain the best results for the crops.

IDEAL trailed sprayers are available in different models and sizes and are equipped with tanks of variable capacity - from 600 to 3,000 litres - to adapt to the specific needs of each crop and the company.

A complete range of trailed sprayers designed to meet the needs and expectations of agricultural entrepreneurs and distribute pesticides effectively and with more respect for nature.


Motorised sprayers

IDEAL motorised sprayers are the ideal solution for the protection of crops with small planting areas that are located in inaccessible areas.

The Alpine Power line guarantees a precise and efficient distribution of the treatment even in the most particular conditions.

Their small size makes these sprayers practical and manageable but equally effective for the defence of vegetation.