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Agricultural sprayers IDEAL

Crop protection strategies need machinery capable of effectively spraying and distributing pesticide, fungicide and disinfectant treatments.

In IDEAL we design and build a range of functional and flexible carried and towed sprayers, developed to intervene in the best way possible according to the needs of the crops and the type of plant and soil.

Sprayers for espalier rows

The sprayers for rows are characterised by the smallest dimensions and by their spray system with turret that allows a constant volume of air, effective to reach every corner of the vine.

They are compact and manageable machines that can be used more easily between the rows even in the hills. Despite their size, they generate a powerful airflow that penetrates the dense vegetation.

This makes them perfect machines for targeted and effective treatments in espalier vineyards.

Sprayers for canopied rows

Sprayers for canopied vineyard plants are functional and multipurpose agricultural machines, suitable for medium and high volume treatments on even medium and large sized vines.

The air volume is high and constant thanks to the powerful fan that allows a homogeneous distribution over all the vegetation. In this way it is possible to effectively control diseases, parasites, moulds and fungal diseases.

The power and uniform distribution of the product over the entire surface of the plant prevents the presence of untreated or overdose areas. This allows to maintain high productivity and crop quality.

These sprayers the ideal solution for treatments on canopy and pergola crops.

Sprayers for orchards

Sprayers for orchards are designed to carry out medium and high volume treatments on large crops and with significant heights.

In orchards, plant protection can be a challenge: non-optimal distribution can have a negative impact on the environment, as well as health and food safety. For this reason, plant protection techniques must be adopted that minimise these consequences, while allowing effective and more homogeneous treatments to be carried out on the vegetation.

The powerful fans of IDEAL sprayers produce a high, balanced and constant volume of air that guarantees a uniform distribution of the product over the entire surface of the plant, even on high and luxuriant orchards, minimising the presence of untreated or overdosed areas.

Sprayers for orchards are functional and multipurpose machines, also available with a series of conveyors and turret fans for an even more targeted distribution of the plant protection product.

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